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But she was excited when she met Vivian. This was the first time she was having too much fun. When he took off his coat in the closet, it was almost like Vivian couldn’t believe his eyes. But Louise quickly finds herself and says: White is the new black, so she smiles a lot with the strong sexy impression she has left on the environment around her. When the show debuted, she was placed far behind, but step by step she approached the stage, turning individual strippers. Is a revolutionary way. One of the stipends came on stage with a microphone and wondered if there were any naughty girls in the nightclub. A roar was heard. Everyone must have been naughty. But his eyes were fixed on Lewis, who maintained silence near the roar.

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I now see the daughter in front of me, say that boy and look at Louise. Would you like to come on stage? Lewis moves up the stairs and stands next to the man. The man says that it is time for the final dance and it is Lewis who will get it to dance. And not with anyone else but with young athlete Nico. When he comes out on stage, he walks up to Louise and kisses her on the cheek. She is ashamed as soon as she gets instructions. A short time later, a waltz is heard through the speaker system and Lewis and Nico begin dancing. Nearby. After about an hour and a half, the signal she is waiting for arrives. Then she already puts her hands on Nico’s hips and only needs to tighten the Velcro straps for her silver-gloss tight shorts to fall to the floor. At the same time, Nico’s penis stands with a real horse, directly to his navel.

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They keep dancing together. Louise rubs her stomach against Nico’s hard penis, joking at first, but then notices that Nico responds by rubbing his penis against the panty’s clothes even more intensely, then she admits that Everybody is ready to go and starts circling his stomach without anyone preferably humility.

Date: नवम्बर 20, 2020

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